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Over 2 weeks and still missing

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Jaliek Rainwalker went missing on Nov 1st 2007.  The weather is getting colder and if he’s out there by himself he has to be cold, hungry, tired and scared.  If anyone in the Capital District passes by my blog, please take time to read the articles I have posted and take a good look at this boy’s face.  I have no personal connection to this boy or anyone who knows him.  Those who know me understand that I follow such cases, call it a hobby, and this one is close to home. 

Hunters looking for missing Greenwich boy
Updated: 11/17/2007 6:02 PM
By: Jessica Mokhiber

GREENWICH, N.Y. – After an intense two week search for Jaliek Rainwalker, police are taking Saturday and Sunday off, but they’re hoping hunters in the area will be on the lookout for him in the woods throughout Washington County.

“Well, they’ll most likely look for clothing or if somebody built a little camp or a hideout or someone trying to get out of the weather. That’s definitely something hunters would notice, especially with all the hype surrounding this thing,” said Greenwich resident and hunter Artie Erbe.

Erbe also said now, with the start of deer hunting season, a lot more people will be out, covering a lot more ground. So far, though, he hasn’t seen any signs pointing to Jaliek’s whereabouts.

“We were hunting with dogs. If there was somebody hiding in a hideout or in a tree, they would have let us know about it, I’m sure.”

But Erbe says hunters are vigilant people by nature, and that they will have their eyes open for anything out of the ordinary, especially around this area since it seems everyone is talking about Jaliek Rainwalker.

“In a small town, something like this lights things up and everybody’s aware of it, and concerned about it. It’s the talk of the town. No doubt about that,” said Erbe.

Restaurant Owner and Greenwich resident Jason Baker said, “You go in the coffee shop and there are signs up. You go in Hannaford and there are signs up. It’s definitely hitting home.”

Greenwich resident Anna Williams added, “We’re all just hoping that he comes back alive.”

But as the weeks go by, and there are no clear signs, police are becoming less optimistic that that will happen. Nevertheless, they’ll be back out resuming the search Monday morning at eight a.m.



Written by Kim

November 17, 2007 at 9:22 pm

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