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On December 26, 2007 I wrote the following letter and sent it to various news organizations and talk shows.  I ask for you do the same.  If you do not have time to draft a letter or do not know many details about the case, please feel free to copy mine and adjust it to make it your own.

I am writing out of concern for a missing 12 year old boy named Jaliek Rainwalker from Greenwich, NY.  Jaliek went missing on November 1st under questionable circumstances.  This story has many twists so I’ll just give a brief description.


Jaliek is a child who was born to a crack addict, placed in the foster care system and after living with 7 foster families was adopted by Stephen Kerr and his wife Jocelyn McDonald.  Jaliek suffers from Reactive Attachment Disorder which causes some behavioral problems.  Jaliek’s adoptive parents sent him to a respite home, a place where parents can leave emotionally troubled children for a break from constant turmoil.  Stephen Kerr picked Jaliek up on October 31st and took him to the empty home of his father to spend the night.  He didn’t want to bring Jaliek back to the house because Jaliek had threatened one of their other children and he wanted them to feel safe.  The plan was to bring Jaliek back to the respite home the following week.


On the morning of November 1stKerr awoke and found that Jaliek was gone.  It is said that a “goodbye” note was left behind, although there is speculation that this note was a homework assignment given to Jaliek by Kerr.  Once Kerr realized that Jaliek was gone he went home to see his wife and they reported Jaliek missing later that day.  In days to come law enforcement would ask both Kerr and McDonald to take a polygraph, McDonald complied but Kerr did not, stating that he was not medically fit because he only had about 5 hours of sleep over a 3 day span.  The results of McDonald’s polygraph have not been released and to this day Kerr has not taken a polygraph.


Since then Kerr has displayed odd behavior.  He and his wife did not have much contact with law enforcement, Kerr has given several theories as to what has happened to Jaliek and has gone as far to take signs down, signs that were posted to let people know of a vigil to be held for Jaliek.  Most disturbing is that Kerr and McDonald were planning to un-do Jaliek’s adoption.


McDonald’s mother, Barbara Reeley, believes that Kerr has information about Jaliek and that he knows what happened that night.  Family ties have now become strained but Reeley’s main concern is to find justice for Jaliek.  When she heard that Kerr was taking down the signs that she posted, she called him to ask him to stop but he hung up on her.  He feels as if Reeley and some former foster families are out to get him.  The vigil called “Light the Night for Jaliek” went on as planned and was held in a peaceful manner and I was fortunate enough to attend and meet some of the people who are close to Jaliek.  Neither Kerr nor McDonald was present.


You’re probably wondering why I am contacting you since I do not have a connection with the missing boy.  I never had the pleasure of meeting Jaliek and doubt I ever will.  Over the years I have watched story after story on various news channels of missing people and this time it hit close to home, I live an hour from where this took place.  As a working parent of two, there isn’t much I can do to actively search for Jaliek.  My contribution is to spread the word to as many people that I can.  I have posted to CourtTV forums and truned my blog over to posting any information I can find about Jaliek.  Now I am reaching out to you in the hopes that you will take some time to investigate a little further into Jaliek’s disappearance.  Jaliek’s story needs national attention, the local media have done a good job with what they have but I believe with your help we can find justice for Jaliek.


Thank you for your time,


Written by Kim

December 28, 2007 at 12:38 pm

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  1. Forever Searching is a group dedicated to raising awareness to missing children worldwide. Please visit our website to see a little of what we do

    We are looking for volunteers to help within our small, friendly, professional group. Can you spare some computer time? As a volunteer, you will need to use the internet to research possible target audiences, as well as emailing posters of missing children worldwide.

    You will be allocated a Team Leader who is there to assist you whenever needed. You will be required to email your weekly progress reports to your team leader and discuss where to focus next.

    We just need you to be computer literate, reliable and have a passion for children.

    Application procedure: Please send an e-mail to Remember to mention where you saw our advert.

    Thank you

    fairy godmother

    December 28, 2007 at 2:09 pm

  2. Hi Kim, I am going to borrow and modify your letter. I am going to send it to some newspapers in my area. Just keeping his name public is good. Hope you are having a good Wednesday. I just started new job today. New Year new job.Keep in touch.. God bless. Kalley


    January 2, 2008 at 8:35 pm

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