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News this week on Jaliek Rainwalker

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“New Developments” in Jaliek Case Will See Release Soon

There are apparently new developments in the case of missing Greenwich boy, Jaliek Rainwalker. Right now police are saying little about the new information, but what they are saying is that they expect to reveal the details to the public soon.NEWS10’s Anya Tucker spoke to the Chief of Police in Greenwich, who says they are making some headway in the case.

“It’s just something that’s an ongoing investigation and I can’t jeopardize this investigation at this point by making mention of what’s come up,” said a very tight lipped George Bell, Chief of the Cambridge-Greenwich Police Department.

While he will not release any of these “new developments” now, he said however that the media will know more about them by the beginning of next week.  When asked about how important they were to the case, Chief Bell responded, “I think it is [important, ] every little bit we get. But this is a pretty decent bit to this puzzle,”

One new piece of information the Chief will release, is that a once-$1,500 stipend given to Jaliek’s adoptive parents has now been cut off.

“It was my understanding that Albany County was still paying the family for Jaliek, even though he was not in the family these [past] couple of months. We thought that that should stop,” he said.

All of these developments, those released and those still yet-to-be, come as good news for Jaliek’s maternal grandparents, Barbara Reeley and Dennis Smith, who were spending more time in Greenwich keeping up the search efforts for their missing grandson.  They believe their son-in-law Stephen Kerr is not being completely forthcoming about what happened to the mentally-ill boy.

“There have been so many hours when people have not known where Stephen could not be found, and those things will come out next week,” Reeley said.

Smith shared Reeley’s sentiments by saying, “Bottom line is a 12-year-old boy that’s lived in a little sheltered community […] does not [just] disappear […] that story just does not hold any water,”

Reeley also said that she now worries for the four other children still living with Kerr, and regrets never calling authorities about the treatment of them, including Jaliek.

“There were times when, emotionally, they were treated very badly. And now I know I should have called Child Protective Services,” she said.

The 12-year-old with a troubled past disappeared back on November 1st. Since then, there have been a number of searches on land, and in the water, for the boy. Jaliek’s adoptive father, Stephen Kerr, was the last to see him, and has been under suspicion by police.  He says he believes his son is alive and ran away to Albany.


Written by Kim

January 13, 2008 at 10:02 pm

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