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Surveillance Video Released

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Police release surveillance video taken the night Jaliek disappeared

GREENWICH, N.Y. – Video taken from the Glens Falls National Bank in Greenwich at 12:16 a.m. on the morning of November 2nd shows a gold van driving through. Police want to know if the gold Chrysler minivan that they see in the video belongs to Jaliek Rainwalker’s adoptive father, Stephen Kerr.

Greenwich Police Chief George Bell said, “If it’s Stephen and his van, it certainly doesn’t indicate that…you know, he says he was in bed.”

Now police are asking for help again. They want to know if anyone was driving this van through this bank at that time in early November – the night Jaliek disappeared – so they can try to figure out if it was Kerr, or someone else. They also want to compare the van to the video, but Kerr and his attorney won’t let them near it. The van is in the garage at Kerr’s father’s house on Hill Street.

Stephen Kerr’s Attorney Jeffrey McMorris said, “I had a hard time somewhat even figuring out that it was a van. Every time they’ve asked for something, I ask, how is this going to lead to Jaliek coming home, and they can’t answer that question and until they can, I see no relevance in letting them see the van or consenting to that.”

McMorris said police had the van early when they first started investigating but that was before they had this surveillance video. Police also said Verizon has looked at Kerr’s cell phone records because he said he was on the phone with a friend the night Jaliek disappeared. Where he said he made the call and the cell phone tower Verizon shows was used for that call was two different places.

Bell said, “He was definitely in South Troy. I can’t tell you exactly where, but he was not on his route that he says he took.”

McMorris said at this point, he will only give police what they ask for if it will help get Jaliek home.

He also said the reason his client has repeatedly refused to take a polygraph is that they don’t prove anything in the courts and when asked if there are any circumstances under which they will give the van up to police, he said he could not think of any.



Written by Kim

March 25, 2008 at 7:03 pm

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