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Texas group to aid search for Rainwalker

GREENWICH — A group from Texas will bring new tools to the search for Jaliek Rainwalker today. Tim Miller, the director of Texas EquuSearch, arrived Monday and met with Greenwich-Cambridge Police Chief George Bell for two hours. Today, Miller expects to begin underwater searches with sonar and said he may bring in a drone airplane equipped with a high-resolution camera. The remains of five people have been found using the drone, Miller said. The searchers download images from the drone onto a laptop computer and study them for anything unusual.

Jaliek is a 12-year-old boy missing since Nov. 1. His adoptive father was the last one to see him.

EquuSearch, founded in 2000, is an outgrowth of a mounted search and recovery team Miller organized after his 16-year-old daughter was abducted and murdered in 1984 in North Galveston County, Texas. The group searched unsuccessfully for Natalee Holloway, the 18-year-old from Alabama who disappeared on a trip to Aruba, but have found the remains of other missing people when previous efforts failed.

Barbara Reeley, whose daughter, Jocelyn McDonald, is Jaliek’s adoptive mother, asked Miller to search for Jaliek.

“I’m interested in their research and the drone planes, water sonar, horses and ATVs — the whole list of resources they have,” Reeley said. “It doesn’t cost the state or the town any money, it all runs on donations.”

Miller said the time that has gone by since Jaliek’s disappearance makes the search harder but not impossible. He referred to a Mississippi case in which EquuSearch found in 15 minutes the remains of a woman who had been missing for six months and an Illinois woman who was found on the second day of searching after she had been gone for five months.

“It’s difficult but not impossible, but we’ll need, and we always need, a little bit of luck,” Miller said.

For more information about EquuSearch and to fill out an application to become a searcher, go to http://www.texasequu More information about Jaliek is available at


Written by Kim

April 15, 2008 at 7:25 am

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