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Forest rangers help search for Jaliek

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WASHINGTON COUNTY — New York State Forest Rangers launched an airboat into the Battenkill from a remote part of Washington County to check out areas of the river that haven’t been thoroughly searched yet for Jaliek Rainwalker. The young man has been missing for more than six months.

“We’re going to try and get into some of those areas that, up to a couple of days ago, were underwater and see if there’s anything relevant to the search for Jaliek,” New York State Forest Ranger Lieutenant John Solan said.

Solan said this boat can do things that others can’t.

“They can go into shallow water and weeds and the backwater where conventional boats can’t go,” he said.


The Forest Rangers said this was a good use of their time because they had to be out there anyway, and while they train, they can also look for Jaliek.

“We have to train, and we talked to Chief Bell, and with the search for Jaliek on-going, we thought this would be a good place.” said Solan.

As for Greenwich Police George Chief Bell, he went along for the ride because there’s a part of the Battenkill that he wanted to check out in particular.

“It’s a place we’ve been referring to throughout the investigation as the Hell Hole. It’s a part of the river we haven’t been able to get into and get a good look at,” said Bell.

That location has been difficult for people to get into in the past several months. But it’s just one more place authorities want to eliminate as a possible place where Jaliek may be.

“It’s a bad area, and early on Mr. Kerr mentioned that he and Jaliek had been there and it was an area he was concerned about,” said Bell.

But after searching there, nothing new to report. The Forest Rangers are also doing similar training with their airboats on the Hudson River as part of their education, and their search.


Written by Kim

May 7, 2008 at 8:21 am

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  1. Blessings and thank-yous to all the wonderful people that have searched for a Jalick….a young boy so many of us have fallen in love with…May the good Lord give us the answers soon….one question….please tell me how Kerr can live with himself….my blood pressure zooms up every time I think of him!


    May 7, 2008 at 12:20 pm

  2. Hi Kim,
    I am going to try and make it sunday, with Alex if the weather is good. I am thinking I can park at Albany Med and walk down,”special parking priviliges” if I am thinking correct, Washington Park is down the street from Albany med? I’m kind of scattered brained lately. I can’t post on the blogs because my computer has no cookies, so I figured I would post here! We just got back from the circus, it was a lot of fun. I hope you are doing well. See you Sunday!


    May 8, 2008 at 10:28 pm

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