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Joshua Szostak, Toxicology is Back

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A couple of days ago I heard that the toxicology results were back in the Joshua Szostak case.  I had first heard this on Al Roney’s show on WGY, then I searched for articles and could find any.  Interesting I thought, an on air radio host has this information but I can’t find it in print.  The next day I went back to Al’s site and found the pod cast, it was a follow up interview with Josh’s father, Bill Szostak.  As I listened to the interview I had heard the same thing I heard the day before.  I’m not losing my mind (for a while I thought I was).  Again I searched for an article, nothing.  This really baffled me because you would think that this information was news worthy.  Or was it?

In the interview Al and Bill discussed the results.  It was concluded that Josh had about 4-5 beers.  Surely that’s not enough alcohol to say that Josh was intoxicated.  It coudln’t have been enough for Josh to accidentally fall into the river.  I share the same opinion.  With that in mind one would conclude that there is still a mystery surrounding Josh’s death.  Why doesn’t the Albany Police Department feel the same way?  Why didn’t they release the results?

Last night Anderson Cooper (CNN) did a segment on the smiley face killers.  He interviewed the 2 retired detectives that are working on the smiley face killings.  CNN was in Albany, interviewed Bill Szostak and showed clips of the river.  Could Joshua Szostak be one of the 40+ college males that have gone missing after a night of drinking, some of which have been found in a river? 

Anderson Cooper …CNN

Today, 2 days after Al Roney’s interview with Bill Szostak, 1 day after Anderson Cooper of CNN does a segment on the smiley face killers that includes Joshua Szostak, the APD release their spin on the toxicology report. 

I ask any of you who are here looking for information on either Joshua Szostak and/or the smiley face killers to go to the links below and decide for youself.  What happened to Joshua?


Written by Kim

May 22, 2008 at 6:44 pm

Posted in Joshua Szostak

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  1. Thanks for this info,Kim….I have been searching for more information on Joshua…I will check out these links for sure….thanks again…


    May 23, 2008 at 5:19 am

  2. I have read as much as I can,followed this as much as I can.Thanks for this added info.I do not believe that a young man his size,drank that much alcohol,which is not much for a 225lb man his age.And walked into the water willingly and drown.It does not add up,I do hope that law enforcement has not just said case closed on this.If I were his Father,I would be raising a stink I know that. I would refuse to believe he walked in the water and drown on his own.No way.


    May 23, 2008 at 8:32 pm

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