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For anyone living in the Capital District, please attend this event on Thursday, September 11th.

Community Forum on Foster Care and Post-Adoption C

In the wake of two separate but unacceptable incidents that both involved an adopted child in NYS, Jaliek (Boyd) Rainwalker the 12 year old from Greenwich, NY that disappeared on November 1, 2007 and Evan the 11 year old from Troy, NY that was found to have been mentally, physically and emotionally abused on May 10, 2008 over a period of time by his adopted mother. Fresh Anointing Ministries has answered the call to create change and needs the communities help and support to do so. There will be a panel of experts from several foster care and adoption agencies including the Dept. of Social Services to answer any questions the community may have. We have also invited our elected members of the NYS Senate, Assembly and Congress to hear from the citizens of NYS in hopes to gain their support in forming some kind of post-adoption oversight by government agencies for families who have adopted hard to place children that receive a monthly tax-free subsidy each month for the child’s care and improve resources and funding for post-adoption services in NYS.*3D1-*3D6C17797C5


Written by Kim

September 6, 2008 at 5:05 pm

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