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Woman’s body identified

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Last week we learned that a woman’s body was found in a vacant apartment in Schenectady.  Not much info to go by here, so who was this woman?  First thought (for me at least) was, could it be Lutrica Steele?  Lutrica went missing on May 1, 2008 from Schenectady near State St. and Erie Blvd.  Wishful thinking on my part, and how sad is it when you hope that a dead body is someone you’ve been hoping to be found alive?  But really, the chances of it being Lutrica were slim since she had been missing for over a year and this body was quickly determined to be that of a female.

Today we found out who the woman found in a closet of an abandoned building was, 48 year old Patrisha Ann Clay of Schenectady.  Per the article in the Times Union, the Schenectady police are looking for Patrisha’s family to contact them.  How sad that a.) Patrisha apparently wasn’t reported missing and b.) the police can’t find her relatives.  It’s been reported that it doesn’t appear that foul play was involved but she was found in an empty apartment.  Maybe she was homeless and that was the shelter she found for herself, sadly we may never know. 

It seems as if the Schenectady police have their hands full.  Denise Hart went missing only for her body to be found several months later in a garbage bag.  I haven’t heard of any arrests in that case.  Lutrica Steele is still missing and now Patrisha Ann Clay, body found but circumstances unknown.


Written by Kim

October 5, 2009 at 9:38 pm

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