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Skeletal Remains found, still no ID

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Human remains were found in the Allegheny Reservoir on Saturday, Sept. 26th …they have yet to be identified.  The family of Corrie Anderson have been contacted and dental records were eventually received.  Corrie is one of several women who are missing from upstate NY but there is no indication that the remains are those of a female.  With that said, there are also missing males from upstate NY.

The acting Sheriff, Tim Whitcomb, stated that there isn’t anything specifically pointing to any one missing person case.  It could take a couple of weeks before any test results come back so in the mean time we sit and wonder …who is it?  With so many people missing in this area I am curious to know if all the families with missing loved ones have been contacted.  Jaliek Rainwalker will be missing 2 years this November 1st.  Kellisue Ackernecht has been missing for just over a year, September 30th.  Kellisue lived in Johnstown so it wouldn’t be inconceivable for this to be her.  At this point it could be any one of the following:

Jeanne Marie Scrima: 44, Knox, last seen March 19, 1980

Karen Wilson: 22, Albany, last seen March 27, 1985

Monique “Pebbles” Santiago: 11, Albany, last seen March 29, 1990

Suzanne Lyall: 20, Albany, last seen March 2, 1998

Audrey May Herron: 31, Greene County, last seen Aug. 29, 2002

Craig Frear: 17, Scotia, last seen June 27, 2004

George LaForest: 45, Stillwater, last seen April 2006

Frank Connell: 47, Rensselaer, last seen April 20, 2007

Jaliek Rainwalker: 12, Greenwich, last seen November 1, 2007

Lutricia Steele: 22, Schenectady, last seen May 1, 2008

Kellisue Ackernecht: 35, Johnstown, last seen September 30, 2008

Corrie Anderson: 36, Jamestown, last seen October 29, 2008


Written by Kim

October 7, 2009 at 7:03 pm

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