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Ashley Marie Carroll, Missing Since May 6, 2010

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Ashley Marie Carroll, 24, has been missing from Rensselaer, NY (my hometown) since 5/6/10.  She was last believed to be headed to NYC.  More info to follow as it becomes available to me.

“RENSSELAER — City police are investigating the disappearance of a 24-year-old mother last seen over a week ago in Albany.

Ashley Marie Carroll of Rensselaer, who has a 1-year-old daughter at home, was reported missing by her mother, said Sgt. Tony Nagengast.

The woman reportedly disappeared after “a falling out” with her boyfriend, Jermon McLean of Albany, on May 6, Nagengast said.”


Written by Kim

May 18, 2010 at 7:11 pm

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  1. again”, this story just doesn’t add up. people need to come forward and tell the truth. falling out with boyfriend but she is married. last seen on quail and first street, by whom? what have her phone records disclosed? did she really ever head to nyc? who said that? who did ashley tell she was going there? have her nyc friends stepped forward? there are so many questions in this stroy. We need answers to find ashley


    June 1, 2010 at 8:24 pm

  2. Jacki who is “we” when you say “we need answers” does this mean your a friend of Ashley? If you are I think you’d know that she wasn’t married but her boyfriend was, (if I’m remembering correctly) her friend who dropped her off, dropped her on Quail and first (so that’s who saw her there). Her family & friends knew Ashley was going to be away for a couple of days & that’s why Ashley’s baby daughter was being babysat. I think she had things ready to go on the trip in the way of clothing &/or packed bags because her mother said she didn’t believe Ashley ever started a trip to NYC because she didn’t believe Ashley ever made it back to her place from Albany to pic u her things & she wouldn’t have just made the trip without her clothing & bags. The friends in NYC that she was going to stay with I believe have been contacted & Ashley never arrived there. I hope this answered some questions you had.


    June 11, 2010 at 12:35 pm

    • mc2…..i do know ashley and I do know that she IS MARRIED. did you know that? why hasn’t her husband been mentioned? ashley was married but had a boyfriend. And when i say who saw her dropped off at first & quail i mean WHO OTHER THAN THE PERSON WHO REPORTED HER MISSING. i don’t believe that story was ever verified. there are many questions here that need answering. Why are the police searching for her in the woods over by whitehall rd? i don’t understand why there haven’t been search parties out for her. noone but the girl who dropped her off knew she was going away. she didn’t tell her friends that, nor did she tell her family. there are so many questions here. if anything, your response leaves more questions.


      June 18, 2010 at 8:58 pm

  3. Jackie you know I’m starting to pick up some kind of snarky attitude here from you…. No one here knows you & so I asked if you knew Ashley not to be a wise A@@ but just to get bearings on who you are! You asked questions here & I tried to answer them…. Instead of complaining how about a *thank you*? You asked questions & I gave you the answers that were given out to the public in the news & as far as verifying them all we can do is repeat what was given in the news…. I didn’t say I believed the girl who was interviewed on TV because she was crying & I didn’t say that made her honest either. Not only did I find that a bit snarky but I find it odd that you’ll question all these people that are looking for Ashley & yet you’re giving credit to rumors from the street? So you’re annoyed one of my answered you don’t think is verified yet you’re ok getting your facts from the street? That said you say you know Ashley, we’re just here trying to get the word out she’s missing (again you’re welcome) & we really don’t know anything but what is reported & yet you think we’re going to be able to pull out new or different answers here??? You know her & we don’t yet you want more answers here from us??? You asked “last seen on quail and first street, by whom?” I answered with the answer that was given to the public & if you meant BESIDES her friend who dropped her off you should have asked that originally! “i mean WHO OTHER THAN THE PERSON WHO REPORTED HER MISSING. i don’t believe that story was ever verified”. 1st I’m not a mind reader & would not just know what you mean…. 2nd upper case means you’re yelling at me & it’s not called for so stop it thank you…. As far as LE searching the woods I imagine they’re searching like they do for any missing person & they check allies, creeks, rivers, hiking trails, the woods etc. etc.. I don’t know who was babysitting but (REPORTEDLY) that person knew she was going away for the wknd & she was suppose to be back by the end of the wknd….

    you think MY response leaves more questions??? I think it’s YOUR response that leaves questions & not just about Ashley, but about YOU too! Who are you & what do you know? Why are you HERE asking these questions & why are you not on Ashley’s facebook page asking these questions??? Why have you not gone to LE with what you know? Who are these people on the streets that you’re speaking to & how do they know what they know & are they partly responsible for her disappearing??? You should be giving their names to the police so they can be questioned. If this was drug related then who was supplying Ashley & where is this person are they responsible for her going missing? Tell us more about what the “rumor on the street” is… Ashley’s married? what’s her husbands name, where is he & YOU tell US why this hasn’t been reported to the news media!? Have you offered that information to the police or even to the media?? that would be easy for the press to verify if it’s true. It’s your response that leaves many questions….


    June 22, 2010 at 11:39 pm

    • ok, so no you don’t know me and i don’t know you but that shouldn’t matter, i imagine alot of people don’t know each other on this page. as far as the husband goes his name is jamal ahmed. what i find very funny about this is the fact that ashley had a husband has not been mentioned anywhere but that she has a boyfriend is all out there. that seems very strange to me. why hasn’t the husband stepped forward at all to comment or anything. as far as the girl, courtney deaton, who gave the police the nyc story, she needs to step up. obiviuouslythere is some part of that story that the police donot believe. it was her houe they searched and the woods they searched were behind her house. i’m sure the police have the information they need in regards to what was going on in ashleys life at the time of her dissappearance. i just don’t understand why her family isnt out there more. would you be if it were your daughter? i know i would. as far as this being drug related, that is the word out there. but it doesn’t matter what ashley was involved in her safe returns is all that matters don’t you think? as far as ashleys facebod page goes i have not seen anything on there about any theories or questions, it seems like it is a page for the family to talk to her and that isa good thing. again, not trying to be snarky just frustrated


      June 29, 2010 at 9:40 pm

      • Jackie,

        I also Know Ashley & was just wondering how you know so much information and if you have talked with the DT’s that are investigating her case to share some of what you know. I agree with mot of what you say but not about her husband, Sammy took very good care of Ash for along time and even loved her daughter, so I think your angle maybe perhaps not be correct but were all entitled to our own opionions here. Anyway I just wanted to ask you that and tell you that I share in your frustration and hope that you’ve shared some of what you know with the DT’s cuz any information at this point could be helpful 😉


        July 3, 2010 at 3:07 pm

  4. gee it sounds like u have alot of info Jacky maybe u should give the RPD or APD a call and discuss your questions and comments with them…I’m not being funny, I’m serious.. you may be able to help!


    July 3, 2010 at 3:49 pm

    • i don’t know much about her husband other thatn his name and the thought that they must have been separated or something at he time of her dissappearance. i come to that conclusion because i can’t think of any other reason why he wouldn’t be all our there on the tv right along side her mother, and i guess the fact that she had a “boyfriend” kind of says it too. it seems alot of times it is the husband or the wife who turn out to be responsible when something like this happens. I’m not saying “sammy” is responsible, just goin on what ive read in the paper and seen on tv about other cases. and yes ive shared any thoughts i have had about ash and this girl with the apd. but i mean come one, they searched her house and the woods, doesn’t that scream to anyone else that they must not believe her story? seriously, it cost the city alot of money to do searches like that, and wouldn’t they have had to get a warrant and stuff to do that? they must have some info on her. and another question, why hasn’t the babys daddy come forward? could he too be involved somehow? there are so many obvious questions here, im sure the police are doing everything they can. its just frustrating,


      July 6, 2010 at 9:34 pm

  5. Are there any updates on this story!? I started reading about this and its just awful!! She is a mother for God’s sake and I am hoping by now, as this was written over a year ago, they have found her? Prayers for the family, he baby and for HER!

    November 8, 2011 at 12:03 pm

    • Sadly, Ashley is still missing. I haven’t heard anything new. It seems to be yet another case that went “cold” and we don’t hear anything more about it.


      December 28, 2011 at 10:17 pm

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