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Kellisue Not Forgotten

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I was happy to see a nice turn out for Kellisue’s vigil on Friday night.  Unfortunate that her husband did not attend and that he does not allow their daughter to be a part of remembering her mother.  Friends and family gathered to remember Kellisue, candles were lit, a poem with Kellisue’s picture hanging on one of the posts close to where burn marks etch the ground where her car was found in flames.  As we were standing there we thought we would take the vigil on the road, walking from Frog Hollow to Kellisue’s house and back.

Deciding to take a walk from Frog Hollow to Kellisue’s house put some things into perspective.  As we started along the rail trail we quickly realized how dark it was and it was only around 7:15pm or so.  There is no light on that trail, it was pitch black.  We continued on until we had an opportunity to get to a more lit street.  It made me think of how dark it must have been in the hours leading to Kellisue’s car being found.  Anyone could have taken her any where with no one noticing.  Makes you wonder how, IF someone took her, they managed to get to where they were going if they were on foot.  Perhaps that person was familiar with the location or maybe they took her by car …either way, Kellisue hasn’t been seen since.


Written by Kim

October 2, 2011 at 6:18 pm

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