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NYS Missing Person’s Day

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NYS Missing Person’s Day was held today at the NYS museum.  I was fortunate enough to attend, although I wish I had gotten there earlier.  There were many familiar faces which is always bitter-sweet.  There were some faces that were absent, I didn’t see a display for Jaliek but his picture was there on the wall and in the presentations.

Kellisue Ackernecht had a nice display with branches from Frog Hollow where her car was found in flames.  People were asked to write a message and hang it on the branch, a very unique display.  Ashley Marie Carroll, Lutricia Steele, Tammie McCormick, George LaForest, Audrey May Herron and Suzanne Lyall were also represented.  Of course all of this would not happen without the drive of Douglas and Mary Lyall whose daughter Suzanne has been missing since March 2, 1998.  They Lyall’s have turned their tragedy into a means to provide support and information to families facing similar situations.  They are an amazing couple and I pray they find the answers that they have been searching for over the past 14 years.

Edward Suk from the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) was the keynote speaker in the afternoon.  He provided an overview of  the services that NCMEC offers as well as some statistics that were very informative.  He also explained the role technology plays in missing person cases, from predators on-line to how GPS is used in locating missing people.  It was an enlightening presentation and I could have listened to him for hours.

The missing should never be forgotten …everybody counts.


Kellisue Not Forgotten

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I was happy to see a nice turn out for Kellisue’s vigil on Friday night.  Unfortunate that her husband did not attend and that he does not allow their daughter to be a part of remembering her mother.  Friends and family gathered to remember Kellisue, candles were lit, a poem with Kellisue’s picture hanging on one of the posts close to where burn marks etch the ground where her car was found in flames.  As we were standing there we thought we would take the vigil on the road, walking from Frog Hollow to Kellisue’s house and back.

Deciding to take a walk from Frog Hollow to Kellisue’s house put some things into perspective.  As we started along the rail trail we quickly realized how dark it was and it was only around 7:15pm or so.  There is no light on that trail, it was pitch black.  We continued on until we had an opportunity to get to a more lit street.  It made me think of how dark it must have been in the hours leading to Kellisue’s car being found.  Anyone could have taken her any where with no one noticing.  Makes you wonder how, IF someone took her, they managed to get to where they were going if they were on foot.  Perhaps that person was familiar with the location or maybe they took her by car …either way, Kellisue hasn’t been seen since.

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October 2, 2011 at 6:18 pm

Unidentified Remains to get DNA Testing

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“Human remains found at the Allegheny Reservoir in September will now undergo DNA tests as investigators search for an identity.

This week, police will pick up the human remains from Mercyhurst College, where forensic anthropologists had been conducting examinations during the past few weeks. The Erie County (N.Y.) Medical Examiner’s Office in Buffalo will then submit the bones to a lab for testing.”

UPDATE – Winter boots found with remains

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October 20, 2009 at 7:38 am

Skeletal Remains found, still no ID

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Human remains were found in the Allegheny Reservoir on Saturday, Sept. 26th …they have yet to be identified.  The family of Corrie Anderson have been contacted and dental records were eventually received.  Corrie is one of several women who are missing from upstate NY but there is no indication that the remains are those of a female.  With that said, there are also missing males from upstate NY.

The acting Sheriff, Tim Whitcomb, stated that there isn’t anything specifically pointing to any one missing person case.  It could take a couple of weeks before any test results come back so in the mean time we sit and wonder …who is it?  With so many people missing in this area I am curious to know if all the families with missing loved ones have been contacted.  Jaliek Rainwalker will be missing 2 years this November 1st.  Kellisue Ackernecht has been missing for just over a year, September 30th.  Kellisue lived in Johnstown so it wouldn’t be inconceivable for this to be her.  At this point it could be any one of the following:

Jeanne Marie Scrima: 44, Knox, last seen March 19, 1980

Karen Wilson: 22, Albany, last seen March 27, 1985

Monique “Pebbles” Santiago: 11, Albany, last seen March 29, 1990

Suzanne Lyall: 20, Albany, last seen March 2, 1998

Audrey May Herron: 31, Greene County, last seen Aug. 29, 2002

Craig Frear: 17, Scotia, last seen June 27, 2004

George LaForest: 45, Stillwater, last seen April 2006

Frank Connell: 47, Rensselaer, last seen April 20, 2007

Jaliek Rainwalker: 12, Greenwich, last seen November 1, 2007

Lutricia Steele: 22, Schenectady, last seen May 1, 2008

Kellisue Ackernecht: 35, Johnstown, last seen September 30, 2008

Corrie Anderson: 36, Jamestown, last seen October 29, 2008

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October 7, 2009 at 7:03 pm

Kellisue Ackernecht Missing One Year Ago Today

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Please keep Kellisue in your thoughts and prayers.


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September 30, 2009 at 10:15 am

Missing in the 518

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I have an old post that seems to generate a lot of traffic, mainly from one person.

Missing in the Capital District is the post and there is a lot of interesting reads in the comments.

Right now I would like to remind everyone that Karen Wilson, Suzanne Lyall, Audrey May Herron, George LaForest, Monique Santiago, Jeanne Marie Scrima, Jaliek Rainwalker, Corrie Anderson, Lutrica Steele and Kellisue Ackernecht are still missing.

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September 21, 2009 at 8:25 pm

Gone but not forgotten

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There’s a great article in this mornings Times Union on missing persons.  I have not been able to find it on their website but thought I would pass it along if anyone wanted to pick up a copy of the TU today.  When and if it appears on their site I will post a link to it here.  It mentions many of those who’s cases we follow, Jaliek Rainwalker, Karen Wilson, Suzanne Lyall, Kellisue Ackernecht.  It was a wonderful surprise to see missing persons featured on the front page of the Sunday TU!

Here’s the link:

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July 19, 2009 at 9:50 am